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Author Topic: Maintenance Break!  (Read 754 times)

Rino Saputra

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Hey Chief!
A few days ago we released an optional update to address a few bugs. Here is a list of issues we've identified and fixed, so please make sure you download the latest Clash of Clans version from your app store:

Fixed missing Magic Items button from Builder Hall
Fixed missing in/out animations from Change Scenery screen
Fixed missing Inferno Dragon's shadow (we think the Headhunter stole it)
Fixed wrong headband jewel color on Archer level 9 in some animations
Fixed Welcome Back screen to show all the time it’s meant to
Fixed a bug where players may receive Loot Carts at the wrong time. If the optional update is not installed, you will receive an "Out of Sync" error message when attempting to collect loot from the Loot Cart
Hide “Change Scenery” bubble from Town Hall if the Town Hall (or its weapon) is upgrading.
Optional update: version 13.369.9 on iOS AppStore and GooglePlay, version 13.369.11 on Amazon and Cafe Bazaar.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Additionally we will have a server maintenance today around 2pm Helsinki time to address the following issues.

Load Scattershot with ammo in TH13 practice level
Revert "jump fix" to prevent troops from running against Wall after exiting Jump
Reduce the number of Inferno Dragons in trial level from 28 to 18
Add regeneration time for Scattershot. It regenerated instantly unlike other buildings
Turn re-engagement Loot Cart back on since the Loot Cart bug is now fixed.
We expect the maintenance to take roughly 30 minutes or so but we will try to be back up as soon as possible. Furthermore, the maintenance will wipe replays, apologies for the inconvenience!

Clash On!