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Author Topic: Check Out These Stats From the First Virtual Pokemon Go Fest  (Read 2237 times)


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Niantic has revealed some stats from its first virtual Pokemon Go Fest, and itís fair to say that players of the AR catch-íem-all game is just as popular in these trying times as it was when we could all go outside.

During the festival, which took place last weekend, players collectively caught nearly one billion Pokemon. That, we think youíll agree, is a massive number. And itís not the only massive number that Niantic has dropped.

Trainers also defeated 58 million Team Go Rocket members, sent 55 million gifts and walked an average of 15 kilometres each. If you were wondering whether Pokemon Go still had any steam left in its tank, weíre pretty sure that answers your question, right?

Go Forth and Multiplay
Thatís not all, though. The efforts of players around the globe have meant that the Ultra Unlock is going to run for three weeks. Whatís the Ultra Unlock? Itís a series of events featuring different kinds of Pokemon thatíll appear more often.

Week one will add more Dragon-type Pokemon. Week two will feature Enigma-type Pokemon. Week three will feature Pokemon from the Unova region.