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Title: GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser launching soon in the Philippines
Post by: Rino Saputra on July 23, 2020, 04:46:00 PM
GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser is the sequel to the well-loved and received action MMO, Grand Chase. The original game has long been a favorite of Filipino gamerís since itís inception all those years ago. The new GrandChase is actually a mobile game rather than a PC title and is already enjoying a well-received launch in Korea during the start of 2018.

GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser is currently open for pre-registration in the Philippines (see link here) and is set to be released next month. KOG Inc, the developers behind the game, is promising that it has all the bits and pieces of the original GrandChase but with new features and additions.