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Title: Yone teased on Riot’s newest animated feature
Post by: Rino Saputra on July 23, 2020, 03:43:32 PM
Fans are riding the hype train as Riot Games teases the next champion through an anime-inspired trailer. The “Slain Swordsman” reveals details of his past through intense scenes, and fans now know who he really is. This is the first out of possibly many teases introducing Yone, the Masked Assassin, to League of Legends.

The official League of Legends Twitter post begins with “Every myth carries a seed of truth,” followed by the embedded trailer that introduces Yone as an “Ionian Myth.” Through previous leaks, fans already guessed that Yasuo’s brother was going to be the next champion. Yone seems like nothing more than a troubled swordsman, but his interactions with a terrifying demon reveal more than that.