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PUBG Mobile - New Map : Livik / PUBG Mobile: New map Livik APK download
« Last post by Rino Saputra on July 23, 2020, 04:32:12 PM »
The Season 14 of PUBG Mobile has just begun, and has brought with itself several new skins, costumes, and emotes. Like always, the Season was preceded by an update.

The much-awaited 0.19.0 update of PUBG Mobile was rolled out officially on 7th July 2020. The new update introduced a new 'Livik' map into PUBG Mobile, taking the total number of maps in the game to 5. Along with the new map, several other features were added to the game.
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a free-to-play game developed by IGG Inc. for Android and iOS devices. This game is a real-time strategy based open-space RPG. Players are supposed to build an army to attack enemy bases, destroy them, seize resources and capture enemy leaders to flourish in the game.

The game has the following game modes:

1.Colosseum- This is a PvP map where players select heroes to go against an enemy player's heroes. After the match, the winner is rewarded with gems which are the in-game currency.

2.The Labyrinth- This is a PvE map where the player can challenge an epic monster to claim special rewards and in-game resources.

3.Hero Stages- This is a simple PvE map as well where players use their heroes to clear stages to earn new Heroes, Hero experience, and materials for Hero equipment.

4.Kingdom Tycoon- This is a very unique map where the players use luck tokens to roll a dice and move forward till they reach the end of the map. After completing the levels the players receive various in-game materials.

Guilds are also a crucial part of the game which helps the players form alliances and join like-minded people in the game. It is a very interesting feature as it helps players gain in-game rewards by completing quests in the game.

However, some gamers might be wondering where the game originated from.
The lore of the game mentions that after a harrowing battle, the Emperor of the land has fallen, prompting Lords to wage war. Become one of the Lords and show that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Take control of a humble kingdom and help it thrive by constructing new buildings, gathering resources, and training your troops. Any army is as powerful as the country which controls it, and it is essential to have a mighty kingdom if you want a powerful army that can face any challenges with ease.

Heroes will be attracted by the wealth of your kingdom and will come to offer their services in battle. Harness them and your troops to lead powerful armies with the help of troop formations, which offer the ability to create specialized lineups that will take advantage of the composition of the enemy armies to strike vulnerable points and deal additional damage.

A Lord is powerful on their own, but vital assistance can be provided by allies. Join a guild to fight together for the common good of the empire and participate in a series of exciting events, among which we can count Guild Wars, Kingdom Versus Kingdom, Wonder Wars, and many more.
Clash of Clans / Loot Cart Bug
« Last post by Rino Saputra on July 23, 2020, 04:27:57 PM »
As you may have noticed, we are experiencing some issues with the Loot Cart. If you are still seeing a full Loot Cart in your Village with an incorrect amount of resources, that is unfortunately a bug and you will not be able to collect it (the game will always return an "out of sync" error).

A new update with a fix for this bug (and other tweaks) is now available in your app store! Please visit the updates page in your app store to download it. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Is this full Loot Cart for real?
No. The game is showing a full Loot Cart which doesn't actually exist. Collecting it results in an error message if you don't have the latest optional update installed.

Am I loosing my Loot Carts from defenses because of this error?
No. Although the error message is shown, if you had a Loot Cart from defenses, the correct resources from these defenses will be collected.
Clash of Clans / Maintenance Break!
« Last post by Rino Saputra on July 23, 2020, 04:27:12 PM »
Hey Chief!
A few days ago we released an optional update to address a few bugs. Here is a list of issues we've identified and fixed, so please make sure you download the latest Clash of Clans version from your app store:

Fixed missing Magic Items button from Builder Hall
Fixed missing in/out animations from Change Scenery screen
Fixed missing Inferno Dragon's shadow (we think the Headhunter stole it)
Fixed wrong headband jewel color on Archer level 9 in some animations
Fixed Welcome Back screen to show all the time it’s meant to
Fixed a bug where players may receive Loot Carts at the wrong time. If the optional update is not installed, you will receive an "Out of Sync" error message when attempting to collect loot from the Loot Cart
Hide “Change Scenery” bubble from Town Hall if the Town Hall (or its weapon) is upgrading.
Optional update: version 13.369.9 on iOS AppStore and GooglePlay, version 13.369.11 on Amazon and Cafe Bazaar.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Additionally we will have a server maintenance today around 2pm Helsinki time to address the following issues.

Load Scattershot with ammo in TH13 practice level
Revert "jump fix" to prevent troops from running against Wall after exiting Jump
Reduce the number of Inferno Dragons in trial level from 28 to 18
Add regeneration time for Scattershot. It regenerated instantly unlike other buildings
Turn re-engagement Loot Cart back on since the Loot Cart bug is now fixed.
We expect the maintenance to take roughly 30 minutes or so but we will try to be back up as soon as possible. Furthermore, the maintenance will wipe replays, apologies for the inconvenience!

Clash On!
Jakarta - Moonton Indonesia, pengembang dan penerbit Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) bakal menggelar pertandingan All Star yang berisikan para pemain profesional dan para influencer dari game tersebut.
Pemain yang ikut di tim impian 'MLBB 515 All Star eParty 2020' ini hasil pilihan penggemar MLBB di Indonesia lewat MLBB All Star Indonesia 2020 Voting yang berlangsung sejak 25 April sampai 10 Mei lalu.

Tim All Star Mobile Legends
Tim All Star Mobile Legends Foto: Dok. Moonton
Untuk kandidat dengan jumlah vote terbanyak, akan dibuatkan Battle Emote secara khusus dari MLBB, dan penggemar yang memberikan votingnya kepada kandidat tersebut, juga akan mendapatkan battle emote permanen secara gratis.

Bagi 2 kandidat dengan jumlah suara terbanyak, akan secara otomatis menjadi kapten tim dan berhak untuk memilih 5 anggota timnya berdasarkan list top 7 pro player dan top 3 influencer.

"Di "MLBB 515 All Star eParty 2020" ini, kami akan memberikan hiburan yang terbaik bagi seluruh penggemar MLBB di Indonesia", ungkap Aswin Atonie, Brand Director Moonton Indonesia dalam keterangan yang diterima detikINET, Rabu (13/5/2020).

Dalam acara tersebut Moonton juga akan memberikan sejumlah penghargaan kepada para pemain pro, influencer, maupun caster yang dianggap ikut memajukan ekosistem MLBB di Indonesia. Penghargaan ini diharapkan bisa menambah semangat para pemain dan kreator dalam mengembangkan ekosistem MLBB di Indonesia.

Rangkaian acara MLBB 515 eParty 2020 yang telah dimulai sejak tanggal 11 April, menyuguhkan berbagai macam hadiah dan rangkaian acara lainnya. Bagi para penggemar yang login pada tanggal 16 Mei 2020 dapat secara langsung mendapatkan hero mage terbaru dari MLBB yaitu Luo Yi dan penggemar yang login pada tanggal 23 Mei 2020, akan mendapatkan gratis skin special.
Jakarta - Sederet influencer game ternama akan beradu memainkan game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) dalam event Likee Superstar Battle. Uniknya dua tim yang bertanding dibagi menjadi tim laki-laki dan tim perempuan.
Event ini merupakan buah kolaborasi Likee, platform video pendek dan live streaming asal Singapura, dengan Moonton sebagai pengembang Mobile Legends.

Baca juga:
Turnamen e-Sport Tetap Berpotensi Cuan Meski Digelar Online
Marketing Manager MLBB Indonesia Adrian Alpin mengatakan event ini sengaja mengadu tim laki-laki dan tim perempuan untuk membuktikan bahwa kemampuan gaming perempuan tidak bisa diremehkan.

"Di sini kita adakan tim cewek versus tim cowok sebagai pembuktian bahwa gamer itu tidak cuma cowok tapi cewek juga punya potensi untuk di eSport," kata Adrian dalam konferensi pers virtual, Rabu (1/7/2020).

Pada pertandingan ini, fans Mobile Legends akan bisa menyaksikan influencer seperti Sherlin Tsu, Cindy Gulla, Dinda Cassanova, Vionarntha, dan Siska Novianti di tim perempuan.

Mereka akan bertanding melawan tim laki-laki yang terdiri dari Zxuan, Vando, Ilham Fauzi, Reza Anugrah, dan Daffa Raihansyah. Selain pertandingan seru, akan ada juga voting di situs Likee untuk menentukan tim mana yang akan mendapatkan challenge khusus.

Likee Superstar Battle
Likee Superstar Battle Foto: Likee
Penggemar yang ikut voting dan bisa memprediksi pemenang pertandingan ini juga akan mendapatkan hadiah dari Likee dan Mobile Legends berupa skin dan item game lainnya hingga uang tunai.

Marketing Director Likee Indonesia Theon Hsu mengatakan pertandingan Mobile Legends ini diadakan untuk memberi hiburan baru bagi pengguna Likee dan penggemar game di Indonesia.

Hsu mengatakan penggemar konten gaming di Likee yang berasal dari Indonesia cukup banyak, terbukti dari tagar #gamersID yang telah ditonton 28 juta kali di Likee.

"Kami melihat di kalangan pengguna Likee banyak yang menjadi penggemar mobile gaming. Jadi kami ingin menghibur pengguna dengan kolaborasi dengan Mobile Legends yang merupakan game paling populer di Indonesia," kata Hsu dalam kesempatan yang sama.
The wide variety of guns, costumes and characters in Free Fire have become an inseparable part of the game. Players are even willing to regularly spend diamonds, which are the in-game currency, to get their hands on the most exclusive items in the battle royale game.

Players have to pay INR 80 to get 100 diamonds and INR 250 to get 300 diamonds in Free Fire. There are many players who cannot afford to purchase diamonds, which is why they often look for alternative ways to obtain them for free.

Diamond generator in Free Fire
Several websites and videos claim that they can provide a tool called diamond generator for Free Fire players. These videos allege that players can obtain an indefinite amount of diamonds by using this tool. However, this is not true as such tools hardly ever work.

Is it real or fake?
Free Fire is a server-based game, which means any data relating to currencies are stored on the server. Therefore, the only legal way to get the diamonds is by purchasing them.

A diamond generator usually requires players to finish a bogus human verification, which is impossible to complete. Some of the websites that offer this tool also ask players for their account details.

Even if a diamond generator works, players should refrain from using it as the use of any third-party applications might lead to a ban. Players are, therefore, advised to never use such tools.
Garena Free Fire : Rampage / Garena Hadirkan Mode Rampage 2.0 di Free Fire
« Last post by Rino Saputra on July 23, 2020, 04:16:14 PM »
Mode Rampage sebenarnya sudah pernah ada di Free Fire, namun kini telah mendapatkan beberapa sentuhan baru. Pada mode ini, sambil berusaha bertahan dari serangan musuh, pemain ditantang untuk mengumpulkan 3 poin (A,B,C) dan skor.

Ketiga poin ini tersebar di seluruh map yang ada di dalam permainan. Selama permainan, beberapa kostum bertemakan Rampage akan hadir di beberapa lokasi.


Pemain yang menggunakan kostum ini akan menerima kemampuan tambahan berupa damage dan HP (Health Points) yang tinggi, serta peningkatan kecepatan.

Bersamaan dengan kehadiran mode Rampage 2.0, Garena juga mengajak para pemain Free Fire untuk mengikuti event spesial pada 25 Juni hingga 12 Juli 2020.

Bagi pemain yang menyelesaikan misi di periode tersebut, mereka berhak mendapatkan hadiah spesial berupa M1014 Apocalyptic Weapon Skin, Famine Felon Bundle, dan M1014 Cataclysm Gun Skin.

Selain itu, pemain juga berkesempatan untuk mendapatkan hadiah ingame lainnya mulai dari Final Catastrophe Loot Box, Backpack, hingga 99 Weapon Royale Vouchers.
Valorant / G2 Esports win Valorant WePlay! Invitational final 2-0
« Last post by Rino Saputra on July 23, 2020, 04:13:46 PM »
Europe’s G2 Esports have won the Valorant WePlay! Invitational tournament, beating fish123 2-0 in the final series. This is G2’s second major Valorant tournament win. The WePlay! Invitational was the third of the Ignition Series, an introductory string of 20 Valorant events produced by developer Riot Games in collaboration with other global esports brands.

The whole tournament was somewhat of a sweep for the talented G2 roster. They won all three matches in the group stage. That included a 2-1 win over fellow esports big-name Ninjas in Pyjamas, or NiP.

From there, G2 didn’t drop a game in the two knockout matches on the way to victory, paving their way as the Valorant WePlay! winner.

This Ignition Series tournament win leaves G2 with a 13-0 record in professional play. The squad are quickly staking out their claim as one of the world’s best teams in the emerging Valorant scene. That’s despite only forming last month.
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