About Us

The AIDS Prevention Research Project at the Harvard University Center for Population and Development Studies was established to support evidence-based research on the role of behavioral approaches in reducing the transmission of the HIV virus worldwide. The Project investigates documented HIV prevention successes, as well as other promising behavior-based approaches, to help guide the development of evidence-based models of behavior change for both generalized and concentrated epidemics.

The pivotal role of partner reduction in reducing HIV prevalence in generalized epidemics will be investigated, as well as other prevention strategies that have been shown successful, such as the ABC approach (Abstain, Be faithful, or use Condoms) used in Uganda and elsewhere. This Project also seeks to promote a deeper understanding of the influence that spirituality, beliefs and values, such as respect and responsibility, can have on human behavior and health, especially with regard to the AIDS pandemic.

The APRP is supported by the John Templeton Foundation.